The Photographer’s Assistant

This is the project that I have been developing for the last years.

The Photographer’s Assistant

If could mix Google Earth and PhotoPills, PlanIt! like applications, what could we get? This is the idea behind this project, to preview and plan sunrises, sunsets, moon’s pass through the sky, the arc of the Milkyway in glorious 3D (yes, like in Google Earth).

Here a small preview:

Developed for Windows 10 and for photographers. You can get here.

Photo spot manager

With the most advanced photo location assistant! Import your own Google Maps and Google Earth locations, or create your owns in the app!

The photo planner

You can plan your photos in advance and from the comfort fo your home through a powerful VR.
Yes, to prepare the pictures of the city…

Also for the most awesome landscapes!

Preview the visibility of the sun, moon or the Milky-Way, any obstacles during rising and setting times.

So that you don’t miss anything, the calendars will remind you of all the interesting events.

The calendar view. All the interesting events at hand.
The ephemeris view or event view. The events that have interest for photography are listed here.

All the details, videos or handbooks to learn how to use the application, or to know all the awesome photos you’ll you be capable to get and more in the Official Page.