Photography has been a strong hobby these last years; until I had a camera to play with, I didn’t have any interest with artistic photography. Before all that, I used to draw and paint, specially forests and rocks, half-broken building and ruins, and time to time I painted a portrait. When I have enough time I try to take back my old hobbies, but photography is my first goal now.

I’m into computer also, since the first of this machines ended at home, at the age of 12-13. Since then I have made video games, some open-software application, both for computer and phones. The main project from the latest years has been The Photographer’s Assistant, an application for computers very focused for photographers, specially for nature and landscape photographers.

I spend most of my free time with the application, photos and the walkings I do searching new places and getting to the old ones, with the mind always on the clouds, misty landscapes or on green and autumn coloured forests.


If you are interested in any photo you have seen here or if you want to write me, you can do it here: